A-Ha Social Business Summit - New Hampshire #throughglass

This past Friday I had the pleasure of attending the A-Ha Social Business Summit, a rousing day put on annually by Lani and Allen Voivod.

Held on the campus of SNHU, I was greeted by cheerleaders screaming and cheering all the way up the stairs to the banquet hall. I'm not a rah rah sort of guy, so I knew I was in trouble. But I am so glad I decided to suffer through this day with Glass in a room full of incredible people.

pic 3

The crowd was a diverse mix of New Hampshire business people. Yes, there were plenty of reps from the tech community but I met bank marketing directors, eclectic gallery owners, social media content creators and small biz people from virtually every corner of the state. Everyone was there to share social marketing knowledge with a focus on video. So, of course, I was busy all day with Glass demos and discussions around where wearable might fit into the social mix?

I do not know and neither does Google. That is why they've sent us Explorers into the world with Glass, to find out and develop the use cases nobody dreamed of yesterday. Without fail I get at least one new idea from someone at every event I attend. Each and every person sees #throughglass from their unique viewpoint, their personal needs. I do know that whatever the "killer app" is, we all need to prepare for Glass and that means at a bare minimum start understanding that Glass is another screen your website may be viewed on. There is a good interview about just this subject over at Search Engine Journal .





This coming week I plan to use Glass to chronicle Thanksgivukkah! You know, that holiday we won't be able to celibrate for another 70,000 years.

Donald Schwartz is the founder of VectorSpect, LLC, a web and apps development consultancy focused on learning systems for the building design industry and Google Glass applications for education.

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We're so happy to have met you, Don, and we're THRILLED you were part of the #AhaSummit this year! You were certainly a highlight for many of the attendees, including our son. Thank you for sharing your passion for #GoogleGlass. Every time I saw you, you were smiling AND quite generous with your knowledge and tech prowess.

Thank you, also, for writing this blog post. Love the pics. Not bad at all for someone who doesn't consider himself a "rah rah sort of guy." :)

Be well!

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